1. Is this product guaranteed safe?
Yes, JUMEA Scar Gel has been registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia with the license number NOT180701426K. Use it with confidence.
2. Is this product guaranteed halal?
Yes, we prioritize the issues of halal and purity. In fact, this product is fully owned by Malay Muslims in Malaysia.
3. Is this product free of Mercury and Hydroquinone?
Yes, JUMEA Scar Gel is 100% free from dangerous chemicals like Mercury & Hydroquinone.
4. How long will it take to see the result?
It depends on the individual, but you can expect to see the positive effects after the first 2 weeks of usage.
5. Is it suitable for old scars?
We suggest applying JUMEA Scar Gel into new scars for the best results. However, you can still use it on old scars with no problem.
6. Can it be used more than 2 times a day?
If you must wash the area where the scar is for wudhu and so on, you may apply JUMEA Scar Gel more than 2 times a day.
7. How long will one unit last?
Each of JUMEA Scar Gel can be used for more than one month. However, it depends on the frequency of use and the area of the scar.
8. What is the texture of this gel?
JUMEA Scar Gel is water-based, guaranteed non-oily, and absorbs within 1 minute.
9. Can it be used with other products?
Yes, it is safe to apply this product with other skincare products.
10. Can it be applied on areas other than the face?
Yes, you may use it on any part with scars and not limited to the face only.
11. Is it suitable for cellulite?
Yes, you may also use JUMEA Scar Gel to reduce the appearance of cellulite, especially for mothers after childbirth.
12. Will applying this gel make the skin feel hot?
Not at all, JUMEA Scar Gel will not cause the skin to feel hot.
13. Can it be applied to acne?
We do not encourage using JUMEA Scar Gel for other purposes aside from the scars.